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Manage the wind resource at all stages of your projects

From pre-construction wind resource assessments to post-construction yield analyses, Eoltech covers a wide range of services related to assessing the wind resource and evaluating the associated risks.

These areas of expertise are offered to our clients through technical support and auditing services. Based on an impressive 20-year track record, our expertise is recognised by all banking institutions involved with wind energy project finance in France.

In addition, Eoltech generates wind energy indexes, validated on more than 200 operating plants, that allow our clients to monitor their wind farm production over time.

Services Applications Clients
Wind resource assessment

Prospecting, project development,financing

Developers, banks, investors

Post-construction energy yield assessment

Repowering, project extension, refinancing, asset valuation

Developers, owners, banks, investors, asset managers

Wind farm performance diagnosis

Changes in operating conditions

Operators, asset managers

Production capacity follow-up

Power output stability control & annual check-up

Asset managers, operators, insurances

Key services