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18 GW of projects analysed in 20 years

Eoltech has built a significant global experience with more than 18 GW of projects studied on behalf of major players in the energy sector. The post-construction studies we have performed cover more than 10 GW of installed capacity.

Energy yield assessments on more than 700 wind farms

Eoltech has been involved in many projects in France and around the world. The diversity of the situations studied in terms of sites complexity and types of wind regimes has contributed to capitalizing on experience making it possible to apprehend projects in various configurations, sometimes differing widely to those usually encountered in Europe. The assessment of wind resources is our true core expertise, and what makes Eoltech the leading independent French player in this field.

Energy yield assessment on more than 150 PV plants

Over the years, Eoltech has acquired a meaningful experience in solar resource assessment. In particular, as part of a large-scale feedback study, Eoltech has analyzed the actual production capacities of more than 130 PV power plants distributed mainly across France (1.3 GW). Among other things, this in-depth analysis enabled us to compare the assumptions that were made for the pre-construction energy yield assessments, to actual operational data (Deviation between theoretical and effective P50, analysis of actual availability rates and performance degradation rates, with regards to the uncertainty of the project).

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