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Terms and conditions

Special terms and conditions for IREC Monthly

As the indexes correspond to a regional average, their use for a specific wind park may be subjected to uncertainties. Eoltech cannot be held responsible for the use of the indexes. The client is responsible for the use of this information and its consequence. It has to be noted that any harm, if confirmed, could not exceed the cost of the product itself.
In general, sums paid could be refunded only for non-delivery cases. Delivery of the indexes beyond the agreed period cannot be considered as a non-delivery case. In case the reference data on which these indexes are based will no longer be available, Eoltech will do the maximum to deliver indexes based on new reference bases. The delivery time of the indexes cannot be considered as a contractual commitment. In the frame of its commercial development, Eoltech reserves the right to cite the company in its references.
From one year to another, this order is not renewable beyond two years. The delivery of the energy monthly indexes for the following calendar years will be subject to a new order.

General disclaimer

The use of this index on an individual park level is subject to uncertainty as it can vary somewhat or more substantially depending on the location and the levelof exposure to the wind.
The company Eotech is not responsible for how the information detailed here is used. Visitors are responsible for the consequences of any usage of this information.