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Cumul IREC

Multisource certified index

Period : January – October 2019

Reference Period : January–October 2009-2018


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Did you know ?

Energy rose representativeness
Each month, the representativeness of the energy distribution per sector between the cumulated ongoing period and the long term period is checked (Scale of representativeness goes from 1 to 3, 1 corresponding to the highest degree of representativeness)
NHG is the french equivalent for Degree of Geographical Convergence. This indicator translates the dispersion of the results proposed by each independent source used for the calculation of Cumul IREC (Degree of convergence goes from 1 to 3, 1 corresponding to the highest level of convergence).

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‘‘An index for your windfarm’’

In order to cover a large range of wind exposures, Cumul IREC is displayed for 3 levels of production.


‘‘All figures at a glance’’

Access to the ratio of available wind energy over the ongoing period and the long term wind resource of the same period (directly comparable to your production data).


‘‘A useful and robust tool’’

Beyond the advantages of the multisource approach, additional indicators, such as NHG or Energy rose representativeness, allow to put into perspective the considered index.

Monthly Updated

‘‘Available for your reports’’

From April, Cumul IREC allows you to quickly know how your wind farm behaves, each month.

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Bulletin – November 2019



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