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IREC Monthly


‘‘Our index is your index’’

IREC Monthly is an energy index adjustable to generate a monthly production time serie directly comparable to the production of your wind farm.

User friendly

‘‘You get it, you use it’’

IREC Monthly is designed to be simply useable by the customer. Only one serie of data for a significant area (homogenous area in terms of wind regime).

Quickly available

‘‘No sooner asked
than send’’

For your operation report, IREC Monthly is available before the 15th of the following month.


‘‘An information
for discussion’’

IREC Monthly was thought as an element of reflection created independently from operators and manufacturers.

Sample of use

  • Follow-up your wind farm production
  • Analyze the evolution of the effective capacities of production of your wind farm year after year (trend analysis)
  • Analyze the impact on production of new constraints in operating conditions
  • Access to a database of reference production over the long term for your statistical studies (performance history, worst case, portfolio effect,…)

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Monthly Energy Index



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