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Wind farm specific energy index

Reference productions directly comparable to your wind farm production data

Since 2011, Eoltech has established regional energy indexes on the main development areas of wind farms in France. These indexes have been developed more recently across other countries in Europe.

Comparable to indexes based on reanalysis data and/or mesoscale data, IREC Indexes offer additionally guarantees in terms of long term consistency. Indeed, based on the combination of several independent sources of data, IREC Philosophy enables a continuous check of coherence and consistency which enhances the robustness of the results.
This knowledge in terms of energy indexes allows to provide reliable tools for the production follow-up of operating wind farms.

Along with several regional IREC index products (Cumul IREC, IREC Monthly), Eoltech provides specific energy indexes adjusted to one or more operating wind farms in order to optimize the production follow-up.
This service allows you to get each month a reference production in MWh directly comparable to the production of your wind farm, and as a result to monitor the stability of the performance, to assess gains or losses due to changes in operating conditions over time and above all to have a global view of a wind farm portfolio.

Beyond the monthly follow-up, the reference production data base provided over a history of more than 10 years allows to perform statistical analysis on the exploitable wind resource (month/quarter/semester extrema, average monthly contribution…).

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